Personalized Engagement to Grow Your Business

Create engaging user experiences through push notifications as well as in-app messages, coupons, and experiences. Our platform allows you to deliver the right message, at the right time in order to proactively influence behavior in critical moments. Foreknow's powerful personalization tools make it easy to deliver value to your customers through relevant, timely mobile experiences.


Predictive Targeting

Powerful Marketing Intelligence for Every Marketer

Identify patterns in customer behaviors and locations to predict when, where, and what your customers will buy from you and your competition. Our first-in-class predictive location tools allow you to reach your customers ahead of time when they might be headed to your location or a competitor's. Then reach them with the right message using predictive content based on prior interactions.


Scalable, Future-Based, Automated Campaigns To Get The Most Out of Every Interaction

Trigger messages automatically in moments that matter most. Proactively influence customer behavior with our context-based automation tools. Foreknow gives you the ability to set it and forget it, allowing your team to spend more time on other projects.


AI-powered Analytics Learn More From Your Data

Gather insights on customer behavior to optimize campaigns for store traffic, impressions, clicks, and redemptions. Our analytics give you a 360 degree view of your customers so you know where you're performing well and what needs improvement.